Easy Back Pain Stretches for Beginners, How to Improve Posture & Back Flexibility, Health Tips



  1. Im really moved by your encouraging words to take care of our bodies and not let back pain hinder us from living, its hindering me especially with osteoarthritis, i will give this a try and give u my feedback. Ur so cheerful, i luv the ambiance of the video, keep it up!

  2. Oh my god, she has such an awesome ASMR-Voice! I like that little accent as well. You should think about making an ASMR-Video with her. 😉 Very likable, too! :)

  3. you are so good at this thank you so much I started doing these stretches very day that u post on ur channel and I'm becoming more flexible and I have nomore back pain also I know how to do a split now that's a achevment please respond it will mean the world to me plus I gave it a thumbs up???? and I subscribed.

  4. You are so sweet and I loved this video ! Thank you! The only suggestion I have is that will be really nice of you can say on the beginning what we gonna need because I end up stopping the video and running around looking for a towel,ball and strips. Sending a lots of love!!!