Yoga Breathing Kapalbhati Pranayama – Yoga for Weight Loss and Losing Belly Fat – Day 24


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  1. hello jbittersweet. I like all your videos and i "watch" your videos every day to practice meditation. This is the only video that made me feel sick >.< sorry. when i was listening to this video, and i was doing what you asked in this video, my stomach felt not well….but other videos are fine, I use your videos every day before sleep! Thank you for all those videos! And so i would like to give you some suggestions, if you like. 1. All the meditation videos, you should spend more time on calming their minds, only 3 deep breaths is not enough. So i think you should put more, even if it's just a bit, effort on calming their minds. Because are kind of rushing to the core of the video. So maybe you want to consider my suggestion or not, it's up to you. 2. I would suggest that you do some guided mediation videos, only for meditation, that means no third eye opening meditation, no telekinesis meditation mediation, just pure meditation. If you have this kind of video i would listen to it every day too! ^^ 3. the music in the background of some videos in the 30-day-challenge series, it's very nice! Can you give me the link of those music? They are soothing and gentle! I like it! (for example: there is one video in which you let us imagine that we are on a beach, i like the back ground music of it) Thank you very much for all your videos! I look forward to your new videos! Your videos and your e-book help me! Thank you very much! Keep up with the good work! ^^