Yoga For Weight Loss – 30 Minute Fat Burning, Total Body Workout. 2 of 7



  1. Hey Jen! I usually don't leave comments but I just have to say I'm really enjoying this challenge! I just happen to come across one of your stretch videos when you mentioned the 7 day series. So glad I found your site. Looking forward to the next 5 days. Woo hoo!

  2. pfiouuhh day 2 week 2… this yoga so refreshing,, it was hard for abs section and personally i hard to stay still when do half elbows, Can u give me a tips for that? oh yeah how to respire when we do yoga? it should be when inhale to pull out ur belly and exhale to pull in ur belly?

  3. day two!! I got sweaty. haha. Only thing I was unhappy about was I'm having trouble doing the ab exercises at the end in this one. Is there a way to modify these? I have a very unstable pelvis area after having my daughter, and I can feel my hips digging so hard into the floor that I just cant do it.