Yoga For Weight Loss: Confessions from an Ex-Bikram Addict



  1. Yes and no. I feel if people have a strong opinion on Bikram Yoga, it's either the holy grail, or "not Yoga" or some other quite negative opinion of it…and I believe both opinions are quite blinded. Bikram straight up was tempted by the fruit of Westerners and capitalization of Yoga, and out of his own great naivety has become severely narcissistic, egotistical, and abusive in other ways (my sister has taught for ten years and knows from personal experience and witnessing certain events)…though his sequence, idea of the heated humid room, and original intent can be and is truly life-changing for many. There are different factors involved, and I believe it is ultimately dependent on your personal intention and frame of mind. Yoga is Yoga, a journey of personal union. If someone is teaching it in a manner that detracts from that personal union, it is only a carbon copy of Yoga, because they are only physical postures done for egoic purposes, and lack the holistic aspects of nutrition/health and "spiritual" evolution, or the journey to self understanding in a grander sense. I have had instructors that were militant, and those classes were awful. I've had many classes where the instructors weren't fully present, and were just regurgitating the script. I've also had many instructors that were quite present and fully allowed me to go deep into my practice. Yes, it's true that Bikram's Yoga attracts the very common 1-dimensional westerner (Americans at the top) mentality of weight loss and/or ego boosting ("it's a tough practice" and gaining identity from it)…but if you yourself see it as your own personal journey of growth and expansion, which might include weight loss, strength training, flexibility training, detoxification, waking up metabolic processes, beautifully hydrated skin, healthier hair and nails, clearer, sharper, and faster thinking and senses, deep work on a cellular level, alignment of your spine and other bones in the body due to releasing stored tension and strengthening muscles, emotional release, etc….that it is an amazing way to upgrade your entire being and overall life, a way to come closer to balance and contribute to your evolution, then the practice fully serves its purpose as Yoga is intended. I believe if your overall intention is to honor yourself and your body, you can have a truly amazing practice. If weight loss is an intention, fully honor that…but don't obsess and lose sight of all the other benefits, physical, mental, and "spiritual". (Sorry, "spirituality" is one of those severely bastardized words, hence the quotes.) Tracking weight loss and seeing the physical improvements are a gauge, and yes…it's naturally human to enjoy seeing your progress and enjoying what you see in the mirror. If you aren't into yourself, who else sustainably will be into you? Enjoy the packaging you got. It's naive to push such natural urges away, but it's as naive to be fully saturated and attached to your looks. Zoom out and enjoy it from a more whole perspective. It's not just about the journey, or just about the results, but both. The results are your target to aim at and be seen from a perspective, but put your main focus (not through your mind or self-talk) on how your body feels in every moment of your practice – actual sensations, subtle to gross that you feel inside and out, and how you feel emotionally (and don't force emotions either) – which eventually translates into your daily life. Be the observer of your experience in the present moment, with less and less judgement. The more you can observe, and the more you can enjoy (in your mind and body) the faster the results because there is much less resistance. Bikram Yoga can be a great form of Yoga for more of a focus on the physical conditioning attributes it has, a great introduction to Yoga and a transition into other forms, a great supplementary Yoga to other practices, or can be one of the greatest teachers of a meditative Yoga practice, through learning to calm the mind and tune into yourself, through challenge. This is only my point of view and suggestions. Whatever you choose in anything, in any given moment is the right one. But you always know which choice feels better, regardless of what anyone (including society and tradition) tells you.

  2. Yes.This is a big misconception that yoga is for weight loss. Many yoga instructors tend to promote just to gain popularity. It's just upsetting. Love your video. Very honest. Yoga is not for weight loss. I will share your video to my subscribers!

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  4. I agree with this video. I learned Sivananda Yoga while living in an ashram for a month. While the experience was amazing, I feel that since then I have become turned off to the prospect of teaching it. I'm trying to learn to find more balance in my life and in my body. The first step towards balance should be acceptance of self, both both body and mind…. that's where I am right now. Thank you for your kind and gentle video. You seem like a sweet person.

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  6. Wow that is possibly one of the best videos i ever watched on yoga! Thank you! Helps me a lot 🙂 thanks for being so honest and for such good advice! Ive been doing it for a few years, mostly the p90x yoga videos and really like them. But i really like your philosophy of focus on the journey. I will check out this tara styles i think! Thx!

  7. Lol someone promoting a "lighter and easier" form of yoga.. This reminds me that cigarette Smoking is also a breathing exercise and eating is a stomach exercise.. Stop promoting useless and baseless logic to your laziness.

  8. Thanks for this video. I've always resisted promoting yoga as a tool for weight loss because it is misleading and to echo what you said – completely misses the point. 🙂