20 Minute Total Body Beginner Flow



  1. Fantastic routine!!! Not sure if its for beginners though, these are challenging poses if you're new to yoga. I really love the downward dog transitions into the different poses in the beginning. This is refreshingly different! I'm definitely getting my inner (and outer) yogini strength back thanks to your videos and muscle memory! Core strength and twists are feeling great so this was perfect, and I broke a good sweat. :}

  2. Thank you Candice. This is generous of you to share your practice. My goal is to lose 15 pounds and feel great. I've been doing this practice about every day for the past 5 weeks. I feel great.

  3. I continue to be a fan of your station however this really should be labeled advanced beginner in my opinion. Pace /some of poses and transitions a little too fast than expect for beginner level.

  4. I was going to complain that this was too fast for a beginner video and then i read the comments and read your blog post! Thank you for elaborating on the different types of yoga 🙂 I'll keep working on vinyasa because I love the challenge but will add some yin and restorative styles to improve my flexibility! Thanks for this video!

  5. Maybe it's because I'm biased from watching and practicing with you for so long or that I am still a noobie in yoga, that I can't understand why ANYONE would thumb's down your videos! 😛 Namaste, Candy! Yes, you have a nickname now…

  6. Thank you, Candace, I loved this flow. I'm a beginner and my balance is NOT very good but I know I will be able to do the entire flow gracefully and strong eventually. Thank you for your videos! <3

  7. Excellent video! I haven't done yoga in a long time, but this was great to get me back in. It wasn't too difficult and I was sweating like a sinner in church lol. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to doing more.

  8. Loved this thank,you Candace – I'm a complete beginner having only done 1 class. I did have to watch the whole time but still was able to get my flow. I'm sure practice all enable more listening and less watching. ???and more balance ?

  9. really isn't for beginners. as others have said, you don't take the time to explain poses thoroughly so I have to spend the entire time watching the screen, which is very straining on the neck. not a beginner video as your title suggests. I'll look elsewhere.

  10. What is one to do if he can't do any of these poses? I'm stiff as a bat, even though I'm physically active and has always been (boxing, weight lifting, swimming, etc.). Forward bends especially feel awkward and impossible to do. I have a certain amount of anterior pelvic tilt that I'm working on with hip flexor stretches and glutes and hamstrings strengthening, but as of now my lower back gives up while trying any of the forward bends and starts to round like crazy. I'm literally not able to go through this movement sequence because of this. Should I focus on one pose solely instead of trying to bust out the whole sequence? Oh yeah, I'm a yoga newbie 😀

  11. A great routine in itself but not enough instruction given to actual place each body part needs to be in for a total beginner, so you must look at the screen the entire routine else you're lost – which is impossible. This is too fast or too under-explained for absolute beginners.

  12. I followed the sequence for about 10 minutes. I found it difficult to keep up with the pace of the instructor. The asanas are for beginners; however the instructor should give sufficient time for beginners to move from one pose to the other. This is a real shortcoming in this video.

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