At Home Yoga Themed Core Workout For Intermediate-Advanced 43 min



  1. Like honestly you go to fast and you don't remind me when to breathe.. its stressful and not at all what yoga is. Not everyone is at your physical strength not that I'm crazy out of shape either but this wasn't pleasant at all.

  2. For the last 7 months I have alternated this workout twice a week with 2 others for the other 2 days of the week. Have done weights since I was 22 and am 55 now . Have lost 7 kegs of body fat and am 54 kg now.. have had so many people ask me what I've been doing? So I've passed on this amazing workout on to them. Never felt so amazing. Thankuuu Christina your form is FANTASTIC. Luvvv this workout. . If your struggling to get through it persevere because you will get RESULTS!!!

  3. The most highly developed part of Christine Khuri is her remarkable work ethic.  Personal training clients probably get the benefit of her secrets to motivation, commitment, and reaching goals.  Her videos here on GymRa are always excellent.

  4. Two years ago I got out of an abusive relationship. I started doing this work out because I needed to feel better about myself. I started eating better and did a lot of other emotional healing work. I just wanted you to know this workout was part of a year Long healing journey for me. I am a different woman today and I help other women who are where I was. Thank you sooo much for being a part of my healing, and for having this video available to help me feel strong when I didn't. I am doing this workout still, today. Thanks!!