Fun Beginners Dance Workout For Weight Loss, At Home Cardio Pilates Dance Routine



  1. Loved this video. You made it easy to follow and stay with it to the end. I'll definitely be back. Thanks for the inspiration! I also enjoyed seeing the cat stroll by and then finally join you for the ending floor poses.

  2. I love Pilates and how it makes me feel. I was interested to see a Pilates DANCE workout, but this wasn't really dance, unless you were meaning Ballet movements? I'm still going to check out your other workouts because it was a great workout! My legs are burning!

  3. I enjoyed this workout and it was nice and simple for the morning….but im sorry, what about this was "dance"? because that's what i searched for.

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  5. Thank you so much for this video! I've been at it daily for a week, now, & already, my balance has improved, I'm sleeping better & I feel more energetic. Can't wait to see the dance video!

  6. Hello Sarah, excellent explanation and love your enthusiasm! Can you please provide LINKS of your other videos?  Please, do you have Pilates for butt muscle spasms? I sit all day at the office. I'm 54 and have fibromyalgia.  The spasms are quite painful, a burning debilitating onslaught.  Thanks a ton!  Marix, South Africa

  7. Dear Sarah Nelson, 
        I've really been enjoying your workouts and they are challenging.  Please send me more of the same.   I would like to do Pilates and yoga.                              Simone Gervais

  8. Iss there a chance of doing a little bit easier or adapting some of these exercises for the obese range of people. Understand that this video is for beginners but due to age and weight feel some are extremely hard to near impossible, my fault not the instructor as she was excellent. Rosie

  9. Excellant. Would love a few more for beginners. Instructor was great but can she have the camera center on as she looks like she is focusing on some place to her left. Again, wonderful video for someone who's 40 kilos over weigh and 52 years old. Thank you. Rosie.