Learn Yoga Power yoga for beginners



  1. I really like the style and presenations of this video but this is not for beginners. I think it's a shame because there is obviously talent here but the creators need to remember what it is to be a beginner.

  2. good video though I think it's been a while since you were a beginner lol. I audibly said "beginner, dude?" several times. hopefully ill be able to do these without skipping some moves.

  3. i have continued this for about 1 week plus, and am happy to say i can complete almost all the moves, i just need to practice more on holding my breath, and control the breathing, one thing i want to ask about 20:20 i dont dare to move my toes all the way across to the back above my head, i scared my neck will snap but i manage to do 20:35 after a week of practicing everyday, im curious can everyone do that 20:20 move? is it normal? should i just bend all the way back?